Six District Educational Compact Career Programs

Six District Educational Compact Career Technical Education Programs

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-A+ Certification and Networking – Cuyahoga Falls High School · STEM
-Administrative Office Technology – Cuyahoga Falls High School
-Athletic Health Care and Fitness – Roosevelt High School · STEM
-Automotive Technologies – Cuyahoga Falls and Hudson high schools                -Automotive Specialization – Hudson High School                                                     -Aviation Careers Academy – Stow-Munroe Falls High School · STEM
-Banking and Financial Services Pathway – Cuyahoga Falls High School
-Business Management – Roosevelt High School
-Career Paths for Teaching Profession – Roosevelt High School
-Collision Repair and Automotive Refinishing –Woodridge High School
-Construction Technologies – Roosevelt High School                                             -Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing Technologies – Roosevelt High School
-Cosmetology – Cuyahoga Falls and Roosevelt high schools
-Culinary Arts and Catering – Stow-Munroe Falls High School
-Electronics Technology – Roosevelt High School
-Engineering Academy – Roosevelt/Stow-Munroe Falls high schools · STEM            -Forestry and Landscape Managment – Roosevelt High School · STEM
-Health Careers Technologies – Roosevelt High School · STEM
-Interactive Media/Visual Imaging – Cuyahoga Falls High School
-International Business Institute – Stow-Munroe Falls High School
-Marketing Management –  Roosevelt High School
-Preschool/Daycare/Educational Aide – Tallmadge High School
-Theater Arts Career Academy – Tallmadge High School