Forestry and Landscape Management

 Forestry and Landscape Management-College Tech Prep

Concerned about the environment? Interested in ecology? In Forestry and Landscape Management, students learn about plant and horticultural science, urban forestry, landscape design and build, and turf science and management . Students are prepared for further education in fields like Urban Forestry, Turf Management, Arboriculture, Landscape Construction, or Nursery Management. College Prep English includes writing assignments about plant science, career opportunities in the “Green Industry” and other industry-related topics.

Students are eligible to earn up to 12 college credits through Cuyahoga Community College. Continue reading Forestry and Landscape Management

Teaching Professions

Teaching Professions-College Tech Prep

Teaching Professions is a program to prepare students for a career as an educator through field experiences and the development of a professional portfolio. The experiences and course of study will assist students in examining the teaching professions career option at a critical time in their development. The work-based experience and coursework will provide a solid foundation for a successful teaching career.

The Teaching Professions program gives you an opportunity to develop skills in classroom management, lesson planning and instruction. Throughout the program, you will learn about various intelligences, learning styles and ability levels. Students are eligible to earn up to 3 college credits. Continue reading Teaching Professions

Career Services for Special Needs Students

Career Technical/Special Education Service helps students with special needs participate in Compact Career Programs, in order for these students to gain entry-level job skills in their field of interest.

The Coordinator compiles information on student progress, providing feedback to special education teachers, Career Program instructors, guidance counselors and parents. This service assists with student IEP development.

Occupational Work-Study (OWS) Program is designed to help special needs students develop good work habits and a positive attitude toward employment while still in high school.

The program coordinator works with teachers and other community agencies to provide job coaching and work assessment to help OWS students make the transition to the world of work.

Graduation, Reality and Dual-Role Skills (GRADS)

Graduation, Reality and Dual-Role Skills, GRADS, a Family & Consumer Sciences program serving the Six District Educational Compact, helps students who are expectant mothers complete their education, as well as prepare for parenthood. Students participate in units such as family literacy, child development, health and nutrition and fatherhood skills, as well as become involved in community service projects.

Family and Consumer Sciences

Students shape their lives through everyday choices they make. Family and consumer sciences (FCS) courses help students meet the everyday challenges of personal, family, school, and work life while planning for the future. Students develop core skills — problem solving, managing work and family responsibilities, relating to others, and assuming leadership roles in family, school, community, and work — while exploring practical problems related to the content of each course. FCS courses help students realize the relevence of their academic courses to real life. Continue reading Family and Consumer Sciences

Wood Product Technologies and Cabinetry

Wood Product Technologies and Cabinetry-College Tech Prep

The focus of this program is to introduce students to the highly technological field of industrial woodworking. This is done utilizing industry and post-secondary recognized certifications. Students will learn and use industry accepted standards, computer software, and machinery (such as a state of the art CNC router and sliding table saw) to build both community and personal projects.

Students will be prepared to directly enter the career field of architectural millwork and cabinetry or college degree programs. Continue reading Wood Product Technologies and Cabinetry

Job Training

Job Training

Turning into a reality the belief that students with more intensive career development support needs can succeed in finding and maintaining employment opportunities is the intent of the Job Training program. A range of career interests is explored while developing positive work and employability skills through authentic community-based work experiences.

The program is designed to assist students with special needs attain a competitive or supported job placement following specialized community-based training, along with the development of an individualized support network through coordinated collaboration with area agency/service providers and local business partners. Continue reading Job Training

Career-Based Intervention for Grades 11 and 12

This program is designed for selected students who want to explore careers while getting first-hand experience in the world of work. CBI develops financial skills in order to help students succeed in the workplace and ensure their success.

Students will participate in career awareness and explore their personal work attitudes. They may spend part of the day working either at the school or at service sites in the community.

COURSE: Career Based Intervention
SCHOOL: Roosevelt
LENGTH: One or two years
CREDIT at Kent:

  • Level I – US History 1; Government 1/2; Tech Theory 1; Lab 1.
  • Level II – English 1; Tech Theory 1; Lab 1.

Fundamentals in Wood and Metal Manufacturing

Students will be introduced to machine safety, setup, operation and precise measurement skills – specifically how they impact modern wood and metal manufacturing. Material characteristics and properties of both metal and wood will be explored. Students will experience hands-on and practical applications of academics by working on projects in metal and wood.

Career exploration will include discussions of industry pathways in both woods and metals. An emphasis is placed on safety, quality work and proper hand tool and power equipment indentification and usage. Students are required to purchase safety goggles/glasses and pay a lab fee. In addition, students must purchase materials used in the fabrication of their projects.\

COURSE: Fundamentals in Wood and Metal Manufacturing
SCHOOL: Roosevelt
CREDIT (at Kent): Semester