Science- 7th Grade Homework

March 8th, 2010


Week of March 19th

Monday– BW- Interesting articles, pictures, etc. from the new book DES.

List 3 electrical devices or appliances.  How many have circuits?

Inq. 1.1- Station lab and wkst.

Tuesday– BW- Review yesterday’s lesson

Lesson 2:  Introduction, Getting Started, and Inq. 2.1

Wednesday– Inquiry 2.2 and 2.3, Read and take notes on Ohm’s Law

Thursday- Review Ohm’s Law, As a class complete Lesson 2 Reflection ?’s, Read Grace Hopper pgs. 6-9 

Friday- Complete the Ohm’s Law calculation wkst.

Read articles:  Microwaves, A Bright Idea